About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Our Mission: 
To love God, to love people, and to help them grow as followers of Jesus.

Our Strategy:
To provide the practical steps necessary for someone to grow in their relationship with God, with the church, and with the world around them.

Our Core Values:

  • Everyone has the right to a relevant presentation of the Gospel.
  • Healthy families reflect the love and character of God.
  • Making disciples is the core of the Church’s mission.
  • God’s Spirit is present and active in our daily lives.
  • Young people are inherently valuable.

What We Believe



The Bible is God's Word. It's the roadmap to live by. It can be applied to all facets of our everyday lives.


God is Holy and Loving, to name just a few of His attributes. He is the designer and creator of all things. The world would not and will not exist without Him.


Disobedience entered the world and divided God from Man. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to redeem man. Through His sinless life, death on the cross and resurrection,  the price was paid for mankind to receive forgiveness and eternal life.


In order to receive this gift, we must repent of our sin, believe Jesus Christ is Lord and our salvation, and commit to living according to His Word. Only then can we find fulfillment and purpose in life. We were created to worship God in community with believers and to share the Gospel with the world.

New Creation

Dr William Blair, pastor



116 S. Main St.
Jamestown, NY 14701

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